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ProXalys is a Senegalese startup specializing in B2B commerce, with informal sector retailers as its main target. Founded in 2021 by Thierno Sakho, ProXalys aims to modernize and empower Senegal's informal retailers by digitizing the entire supply chain. Thus, thanks to technology, ProXalys facilitates the life of thousands of retailers-distributors and consumers.     

Senegal's informal sector generates an annual income of US$4 billion, mainly from the sale of agricultural and consumer goods. Retail trade in Africa is estimated at over US$500 billion per year. Nevertheless, distribution channels are highly fragmented, in addition to a lack of access for these actors to efficient financial tools and services.

ProXalys comes to digitalize the whole value chain by reinventing the procurement processes. As soon as our sales agents create a customer account, ProXalys gives retailers the possibility to order everyday products via different platforms: our mobile application (app.proxalys.io), our WhatsApp Business service, or by calling directly our customer service at +221 76 620 67 51. +221 76 620 67 51.

The free delivery is done in less than 24 hours. We thus increase the productivity of the retailers, while allowing the producers and industrialists to have a constant availability of their products at the level of the Proxalys points of sale.

Our offer also includes the distribution of digital and financial products by merchants to their customers.

Our solutions

ProXalys gives retailers the possibility to order products from the mobile application, WhatsApp business, app.proxalys.io or even by calling directly the customer service, and have them delivered for free in less than 24 hours. The aim is to increase the productivity of the retailers, but also to allow the producers and industrials to have a recurrent availability of their products in the Proxalys points of sale. Proxalys also offers the possibility to retailers to distribute digital and financial products to consumers.


We enable businesses to buy product stock and manufacturers and producers to sell their stock.

Buy Now Pay Later

With our payment facilities, our direct customers can pay their orders either deferred (within 7 days) or in several installments.


In addition to our core business, we also offer a digital portfolio service to all our corporate and individual clients.

Retail Tech

We offer retailers and distributors a set of Tech solutions integrated to the ProXalys application, for the daily management of their points of sale.

Value propal

ProXalys is also a Retail Tech service available to all retailers and distributors: the 160,000 shopkeepers listed in Senegal, apron women as well as the 'Modern Trade' clientele (restaurants, grocery stores, hotels?).

We build partnerships with local brands such as Mamelles Jaboot, Tiep Bi, O'Royal, etc., as well as aggregators and agricultural producers. We also work with financial and digital service providers to ensure the marketing and distribution of products to the last mile.

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